About Me

I am Karli Huddleston - a wife, a momma, and a business owner, born and raised in Alabama. 

I adore my family, great music, elastic-waisted pants, Duke's Mayonnaise, and laughing...a lot! If I can't be funny, I am not me.

I started my own clothing company in 2016 and the internet opened up an entirely new creative area in my brain that I never knew existed! Creativity is like a drug to me and I have a serious addiction.

I believe in keeping it real, crying when you feel like it, telling people how you feel, admitting when you're wrong, and giving hugs.


I am a combination of a slob and a perfectionist, a Pinterest mom and an Amazon Prime mom & a trophy wife and a participation ribbon wife!  When it comes to my everyday life, I am either kicking tail and taking names, or can't remember anyone's name. 


Holla if you hear me!


To contact me, please email - KARLI@THEALABAMAFARMWIFE.COM