My Favorite Hair Products

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I'm not always sure why, but I get asked pretty often about my hair...LOL! (If y'all had my hair, you'd understand the "LOL").  It is pretty damaged due to an unfortunate flat iron incident. My expensive CHI iron decided to malfunction causing one plate to overheat and the other to not heat at all!  My friends, this is a terrible combination and as a result, my hair was fried!  It's been almost two years since the incident, so it's almost completely grown out now...YAY! Because of all this, I had to change my products and styling tools to make sure no further damage was done. I've had to baby my hair and honestly, it's made a huge difference!  I will continue to use the products listed below even after the damage is completely gone because each one of them make my hair look and feel so much better.  The best part...all products are from Amazon, so you don't even have to leave the house! SCORE!!!  


Side note: I've also been asked to film a hair tutorial, so if you'd like to see that, let me know : )  Now, I'm off to save the world, one strand of hair at a time!



1. Curling Wand

2. Flat Iron

3. Shampoo

4. Conditioner

5. Brush

6. Leave-In/Texturizing Treatment


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