a little bit about us:

Thanks for taking the time to visit my new space. Clearly, I am from Alabama, and married to a farmer, which is evident from my catchy little blog name. I dug down real deep for that one .

I am excited to get to know y’all better and thought I’d introduce myself and tell ya a little more about me. Sounds exciting, right!? Wrong. I am probably the most boring person on the planet, but I do have a few exciting stories. I like to share parts of my life with my virtual friends and will be forever grateful if we can remain friends, even after you read this post! Most of you know me from Southern Farm Co., but here in my new blog world, I want to chat with y’all about so much more and give you my take on things from this farm wife’s perspective. I’m not a beauty expert, a professional photographer, or a fashion guru, and I only have a halfway decorated house. However, I am female, a wife, a mom, and human…I feel like those things collectively will allow me to always be as transparent and open as possible.

first comes love/marriage:

I can’t think of a time in my life when I didn’t know the guy in the pic below. He lived just a little over a mile down the road from my house and despite going to separate schools, we had lots of mutual friends. We’ve known each other our whole lives, but didn’t date until we were in our late 20’s. Oddly enough, we were reintroduced in a bar. Yes, that is embarrassing, and I will have to tell my kids one day, but I am so glad I was there on that night 12 years ago! Otherwise, some other hooligan gal may have ended up with the best guy on the planet! 


Fast forward to 2007…we got married on a very hot and humid day in August. We actually eloped and it was the most romantic thing we’ve ever done! We had only our photographer there, so we were able to make that day whatever we wanted it to be, without having to please anyone else. It will always be one of my favorite days. Anywho, this guy literally makes me who I am! He is everything I am not, and balances my world when it starts to teeter. Oh, and he also makes me laugh…a lot! I will get more into our relationship with other blog posts.

then comes (the first) baby:

Moving along to January 2009, we had our first baby! Sweet little Beau Warner. I was so ready to be a momma and my husband was so proud to have his first born son! We were a sweet little family of 3 and life was going exactly how I’d planned in my head. I mean, being a mom is hard. I was sleep deprived, extremely overprotective, and a little (ok, a lot) moody. Still, MY plans were right on track . I had Matt & Beau, and hoped to have more of babies every couple of years until I had 4 of those suckers!
Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him YOUR plans.”??? Well, let me paint ya a little picture: Beau is 4 months old, and the ol’ bod has just gotten back into the “monthly routine”. One day, I realize I am a little “late”. I decide not to make a big deal of it since I just had a dang baby and it may take a while to get normal again. Soon, I realize I am 2 weeks late . I decide to take a test, and to our surprise, it was POSITIVE. I am sure you are wondering what my reaction was, right!? I emerge from the bathroom with no excitement, look at my husband and say, “Well, get ready for baby #2”, as if it was completely HIS fault! Then, proceeded to pick up my 4 month old, so I can rock him and sob for about 45 minutes. I was soooo NOT ready to be pregnant again so soon! I mean, for reals not ready!!! I also felt guilty that I wouldn’t have the alone time with my first born that I had all planned out in my head.
After coming to terms with being pregnant again and realizing my life wasn’t over , I got excited! How fun it would be for Beau to have a sibling that would be so close in age! Me and my sister are only 2 years apart and we are still BFFs. After going for a couple routine checkups at the doc, we heard a very strong heartbeat and everything was looking great. At my 5 month visit, it was time to find out the gender of this little surprise baby! This was also our first ultrasound for this pregnancy.
As the ultrasound tech was scanning my belly and looking at her screen, I remember her asking me just how many kids we were planning on having. I started rattling off something about, “…if this one is a girl, we may be done, but if its another boy, I’d like to try for at least one more…blah blah blah”. She cut me off in the middle of my incessant rambling and said, “It’s a boy…AND a girl!!!” Ummmmm, excuse me, lady??? What did you just say to us? TWINS. Were pregnant with TWINS!!! To which my husband replied, and I quote…”holy shit!” and had to immediately find a seat! I don’t remember exactly how I felt at this moment, but I do remember the tears streaming. I don’t know if they were happy tears, sad tears, or tears of fear, but I am guessing its a mixture of the three. I mean, come on! I had just been hit with yet another surprise!
I had always heard that going from one baby to two, was a HUGE adjustment! I guess we were just going to have to skip that step and go straight from one to THREE! OOOOOKAY, give me just a minute to process all this, please. Thankfully, I had plenty of time to wrap my head around the changes that were ahead, but the thought was really overwhelming. REALLY. OVERWHELMING. Disclaimer: theres absolutely no amount of time that can mentally prepare someone for three babies in diapers.

then comes the twins and momma needs more hands:

So, we now find ourselves in January of 2010. Oh, that’s correct…ONE. YEAR. LATER. Actually, two weeks short of one year later. Milly Burke and Cash Wyatt came into this world and completed our lives. Remember how I said I wanted four kids, well, all that changed the minute I saw their faces. I knew instantly that this was it! Maybe the small fact of being pregnant for 18 of 21 months helped sway my thoughts, but I honestly believe it all worked out the way it was supposed to. Here is our first photo as a family of five…


For two weeks out of the year, our kids are all the same age! Isn’t that neat!? All my babies are now 8 and 9, and the time is flying by! I’ve loved them from day one, and am always thankful that God knew how this should go and His plan was far better than mine! It wasn’t always easy though. In this post I gave y’all the short version. I wanted to let y’all know how I felt during all those pregnant months, but left out a lot of details from what I like to call “the diaper years”. Y’all those were some rough times, but I will save that for another post. I know there are lots of mommas that feel/are feeling how I felt back then, and I really want to share that!

Until next time,


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